pneumatic devices, powered by pressurized natural gas, are widely used in the natural gas industry as Pressure controllers, Back pressure controllers, Pressure differential controllers, Liquid level controllers, Temperature controllers, Natural gas samplers, Injector systems, Valve positioners, and Chemical pumps.

These devices emit an estimated 65 billion cubic feet of methane into the atmosphere per year and are the second largest source of vented methane emissions in the United States.

The combined emissions, roughly translates to a loss of $200 million dollars per year (based on a $3.00 Henry Hub Index average in the U.S.).

If a pipeline has 500 pneumatic pressure controllers operating on its pipeline with a bleed rate of 27 cubic feet per hour, that would yield 152,555,400 cubic feet of methane emissions per year.

If a controller had a bleed rate of 34.83 cubic feet per hour, then a pipeline with 500 controllers, with the same bleed rate would emit 152,555,400 cubic feet per year. This would yield a financial loss of $419,527.35 (Henry Hub Index @ $2.75). If the same pipeline installed the EPAS (98.92% reduction rate) across all 500 controllers, then the financial loss would be $4,530.90 per year. This would yield a $414,996 in savings and would reduce the overall methane emissions by 149 million cubic feet per year.